Super Automotive Presets and Computer Memory Saver

E-Z Red - Item #: EZRMS4000

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Super Automotive Presets and Computer Memory Saver

Features and Benefits:

  • Unit is self contained, no other equipment needed
  • 12 Volt, 4.5 amp/hour sealed lead acid battery included inside unit
  • LED indicates connection to battery circuit
  • Protected by a 4 amp circuit breaker
  • Direct wired OBD2 connector
Saves all driveability codes and settings when disconnecting a vehicle's power (battery). Power on/ power off switch and includes 120V AC charger. Also protects settings for: anti-theft radio codes, clocks, keyless entry systems, alarms, cellular phone settings and other memory related functions.


Full Specs

Special Use Testers

Regions OF Coverage Universal
Brand Specific Universal
Package type Box
Latest Year Of Coverge 1996-Current
Item Memory Saver
Product Name DNA
IsSet N


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